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NAPFIS Launches its new website… The role of passive fire systems within buildings is critical to the overall fire safety of the building design and consequently for its occupants. Rigorous test procedures are required from manufacturers for these systems; ensuring... View Article

The Aim of NAPFIS

The Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers (NAPFIS) has been established to offer:

1. The risk assessment process should include a full audit of passive fire systems and allow for the ongoing management of all works within the premises that may include their installation.

2. The ability for tradespersons to certify passive fire installations, thereby offering top-certification for the responsible person for their risk assessment file and ongoing fire safety management.

Useful Information

Some links that we think you might find useful...

Building Regulations

This link takes you to the technical guidance contained in Part B - Fire Safety (Approved Document B) of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations. Part B - Fire Safety.

 Fire Proof Products

You might need some advice on the correct product to use & their application. This link will prove invaluable. Passive Fire Products & Advice