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Terms and Conditions of NAPFIS Membership

1 . THE MEMBER SHALL a. Have been carrying out their trade for an appropriate period before making an application for membership. b. Be fully engaged on a regular basis in work or training that is related to their trade and may involve the installation and maintenance of passive fire systems in accordance with the current building regulations. c. Be fully committed to a high standard of workmanship. d. Be fully committed to maintaining the health and safety standards as required by the Health & Safety Executive. e. Be fully committed to the continuation of education in passive fire systems and relevant regulations.

2. CERTIFICATES a. The member is entitled to the NAPFIS certification scheme for themselves only and shall be responsible for the safe keeping and correct use of copy certificates. b. The member will ensure that they will not subcontract or delegate the installation of passive fire systems to a third party.  Certification is only made for the works carried out by themselves. c. All certificates and other items issued by NAPFIS shall remain the property of NAPFIS and should be made available for inspection by NAPFIS if requested and returned on demand.

3. CODE OF PRACTICE a. NAPFIS advises that an applicant should obtain a current copy of the NAPFIS application pack. Applications should be made using its current application form. b. Members must notify NAPFIS if there are any changes to their registration details including: ceasing trading, changing address, bankruptcy, or insolvency.


a. Applications for membership should be accompanied by the appropriate application fee as specified by NAPFIS.

b. Applications will not be processed until payment of fees has been received by NAPFIS in cleared funds

c. Application fees will not be refunded if the application is refused or withdrawn. The application fee applies to each individual member; it does not apply to companies or other organisations.

d. Any dispute between employer and employee relating to NAPFIS membership in the instance of the employer funding the membership will result in the membership being withdrawn. Any agreement between employer and employee should be finalised before application to NAPFIS.

e. Fees must be paid on an annual basis.

5. SUSPENSION Where there is evidence that the applicant or member is in breach of the NAPFIS code of practice and or any of the rules herein, immediate suspension may be initiated.

6. PROBATIONARY REGISTRATION NAPFIS may, at its discretion, register an applicant for a probationary period only. At the end of this probationary period NAPFIS may at its discretion remove the Applicant’s name from the contract register.


a. The member will maintain and make available for inspection the records of any complaint they receive about their work. This should include all actions taken to resolve these complaints. The member fully accepts that NAPFIS is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any technical information and installation that the member had offered or completed.

b. The member fully accepts that NAPFIS has the right to inspect their work without notice.

8. USE OF THE NAPFIS TRADEMARKS All NAPFIS members are entitled to use the NAPFIS logo for publicity purposes. It may be used by companies as long as passive fire installation is carried out by Fully-trained members.

9. DECISION NAPFIS will make the final decision on whether an applicant meets its standards or whether they can become a member. NAPFIS will give written notice to the applicant of its decision.


a. Applications for renewal of membership can only be made by existing members.

b. NAPFIS holds the right to refuse renewal.

c. Renewal of registration is subject to the payments to NAPFIS in cleared funds and must be made by the renewal date stated. If cleared funds are not received by the renewal date, membership will be terminated with immediate effect.

d. Renewals shall be effective from the first month that the member originally joined.

e. Renewals can be made any time up to one year after the expiry date, after completing a one-day refresher course. This course will be provided by Passive Fire Training Centre, Devon PL21 9LL, and will be subject to the standard course.