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Find out about Membership

Find out about Membership

NAPFIS is committed to members’ ability to offer high quality installations of passive fire protection.

NAPFIS strongly believes that excellent education is the foundation of a trades person’s ability to deliver a high quality of installation. When you have completed a recognised training programme, you will be able to join NAPFIS (Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers), enabling you to self-certify your completed installations.

The ethos of NAPFIS is acountability of the Foundation member to install a product to manufacturers instructions and then put their name to a certificate confirming compliance.

NAPFIS Foundation Members

There are two grades of NAPFIS membership Foundation and Graduate. As a potential Foundation member you will need undertake our Foundation course and pass the training modules part 1 & 2 scoring a minimum of 80% the student is offered accredited membership which allows them to;

Sign their own work off  as individuals with a NAPFIS certificate.

The certificates cover location, specification, area of installation and observations,  certificates are a permanent record of the job/action undertaken by the Foundation member and is accessible 24/7 via a secure App encryped the NAPFIS website.

On the 12 month  anniversary of each certificate issued an automatic reminder can be activated sending details direct to the client reminding them of the Regulatory Reform Act (Fire) 2005  requirements for full compliance.   


Allows the Foundation member to submit & store a minimum of 6 job/actions per membership year. The audits are then assessed by an independent assessor who will report their observations within the audit so there is a permanent record of a desk top assessment for that audit. Should the assessor report a re-instatement action for that self-audit then the audit will stay in pending re-assessment until cleared when it will go into the passed folder. Both pending & passed folders are available to view (subject to permissions) for any Foundation member this ensures a total open book scenario. Should there be any suspicion on behalf of the assessor of incorrect work to a degree of non-performance of products then an immediate on-site inspection will be undertaken with results posted to the Foundation members folder.

The Foundation level training syllabus is matched to best practice industry standards all within the system controls of ISO9001-2015 accreditation.     

Legislation and the new Document B Building Regulations

New fire safety legislation requires building owners to take full responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. As part of their risk assessment process, they are required to ensure that elements of the building structure are suitably fire-rated. Thus, when passive fire protection seals are used, some sort of assurance of correct use and installation could be required from the trades person.

The new UK Building Regulations (Document B) also encourage independent schemes of certification, which is what NAPFIS seeks to provide. Building Control Officers will increasingly ask for evidence of correct installation of passive fire protection from trades people.

Register to become a member

Foundation / Installer Member

1. Entry on the NAPFIS website acknowledging your membership and showing the company you work for with contact details.

2. 24/7 helpline 0777 966 4371 this helpline will ensure you are guided to what to do if you find yourself in a “Passive Fire Control Situation” not knowing what to do. NAPFIS will help and guide you through a process of next steps to help you find a solution to your passive fire control problem.

3. Help and assistance dealing with issues that may arise from other party comments and observations of work carried out by the member. Guidance and advice will always be given in line with manufacturers product installation instructions, should an installation be incorrectly installed guidance and advice will centre around re-instatement to ensure full manufacture installation compliance.

4. Automatic acknowledgement of refresher courses on a 3 year cycle.

5. Acess to The NAPFIS App will enable you to be in contact via our website to show;

a. A Pictorial ID card confirming your Identity and membership.

b. Allow a certificate of installation to be issued via email.

c. Register a self Audit of completed work.

d. Access to a Zoom meeting should an immediate audit be required.