NAPFIS is committed to members’ ability to offer high quality installations of passive fire protection.

NAPFIS strongly believes that excellent education is the foundation of a trades person’s ability to deliver this high quality of installation. When you have completed a recognised training programme, you will be able to join NAPFIS (Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers), enabling you to self-certify your completed installations.

Legislation and the new Document B Building Regulations

New fire safety legislation requires building owners to take full responsibility for all aspects of fire safety within their premises. As part of their risk assessment process, they are required to ensure that elements of the building structure are suitably fire-rated. Thus, when passive fire protection seals are used, some sort of assurance of correct use and installation could be required from the trades person.

The new UK Building Regulations (Document B) also encourage independent schemes of certification, which is what NAPFIS seeks to provide. Building Control Officers will increasingly ask for evidence of correct installation of passive fire protection from trades people.

What will NAPFIS do...

...for your business?

The aim of NAPFIS is to ensure that fire safety is paramount and to enable tradespeople to be able to certify the work that is carried out. Therefore being a NAPFIS member will give you and your business the credibility & relevant skills to ensure that you are carrying out any passive fire work to an extremely high standard, whilst being able to provide a certificate to the building management to substantiate this.

What you'll get from...

...being a NAPFIS member.

You'll be able to carry out passive fire work with confidence. This will mean that your customers will trust in your abilities and therefore make you a more likely choice over someone who is not a NAPFIS member. As a business you will stand to win work over others as they will not be able to certificate their own work, so in the long run this will generate more money for your business & save you time.

NAPFIS will... you.

With the greatest level of support possible, to ensure that you carry out passive fire work to the highest possible standards possible. We will TRAIN, ADVISE & SUPPORT you and your business through even the toughest jobs. We be on hand to give practical advise and well as the technical know how, as our organisation has some of the most highly skilled experts in the passive fire sector.